Week of January 16-19

Monday: MLK

Tuesday: Review the following vocabulary terms

  • Tone
  • Style
  • Diction (formal, neutral, informal)
  • Irony (verbal, understatement, hyperbole, overstatement, double entendre)
  • denotation
  • connotation
  • hyperbole

Apply to our reading of “Hills like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway (through annotation)

Create a scene reminiscent of Hemingway’s short story by using his as a model. Focus should be on tone, dialogue and diction.

Enrichment Homework: Read and annotate the scholarly article “Symbolism in Hills Like White Elephants”
Be prepared to discuss and analyze in class tomorrow!

Wednesday: Warm Up: Hump Day Test Prep! Students will complete test prep questions in preparation for the AP exam. New strategies will be introduced each week and applied to the excerpt.
Review Irony (if needed, based on yesterday’s lesson)
Read and annotate (focusing on the use of irony) “The Story of an Hour”
Using “the Story of an Hour” as a model, create a story in which you employ the element of irony.
Publish in the form of a Gallery Walk. Each student will be able to walk around the room and provide commentary to their classmates using post-it notes.

Thursday: Vocabulary (expansion of non-literary; SAT prep vocabulary)
Review theme and symbolism by applying it to my analysis of visuals
Begin reading “A & P” using the sticky note reading strategy (whole group)
Analyze the text by answering questions based on theme and symbolism in the short story
Share your summary comic/article with your elbow partner.