Week of February 5-9

• Monday:

Review the Historical significance of the time period 1890-1965. This will be done on a physical timeline. Students will come with key events written out on paper (from HW assignment) and present key historical events in the World/USA/Mississippi. Gallery Walk, discussing key events.
Share out loud anonymously. Discuss the different narrative structure and
depiction of the same events.
Choose one of the photographs of a Cubist painting and discuss the layered effect of the piece. Complete the OPTIC.
o Connect to the first reading of As I Lay Dying. What is the narrative layering that Faulkner is using? How is it to read? What do we know about this family?
o HW: Read pages 21-46
• Tuesday:
o Warm Up: Literary Criticisms Bookmark
o Vocabulary (literary) Stream of Consciousness, Primary, Secondary documents
o Review the concept of visual notes. Show biography video of William Faulkner. Have students apply strategy to their notes.
o Discuss the biographical/historical context of the novel. In groups, read and take notes over primary and secondary documents
o  Collect evidence to help with your analysis of the novel (choice of biographical/historical/psychoanalytic criticism)
o HW: 47-68

• Wednesday:
o Warm Up: Hump Day Test Prep! Students will complete test prep questions in preparation for the AP exam.  This will be based on Faulkner’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech.
o Record answers into i-respond. Review answers. Correct and annotate noting why the error was made
Continue analyzing primary and secondary sources in class and also compiling research
Begin reading in class 69-93 (Finished for HW)

• Thursday:
o Warm Up: Vocabulary (expansion of non-literary; SAT prep vocabulary)
o Work Session –
Review the terms and show students how to record their terms using the visualization technique from Visualize your Vocabulary by Shane Gardner
Continue analyzing primary and secondary sources in class and also compiling research. Begin reading pages 94-127.
Complete Dialectical Journal and devise 15 HOT questions for your analysis As I Lay Dying.
o HW: Complete reading of pages 94-127

• Friday:
o Warm Up: Free-Write Friday (use one of the As I Lay Dying covers as inspiration for a creative text of your choice)
Review Fishbowl Discussion expectations and grading
o Complete the reflection/evaluation of your participation and analysis
o HW: Read pages 128-164


Week of January 29-February 2

Monday: Begin working on the Literary Criticisms Research Project.
Research your assigned literary criticism(s)
Create a presentation to present to your classmates. It must include:
1. The history of your criticism (How did it come about? Purpose?)
2. Guiding questions to apply to a reading (what questions would you ask yourself while using Feminist Criticism?)
3. Application of analysis:
Choose a short text (poem, song, art, short story, etc.) that you can analyze by applying your assigned theory to. For instance, how can your analysis of The Giving Tree be further illuminated in meaning by applying Feminist Literary Criticism? You must be able to explain its application to the class with evidence
4. Handout with all information provided (to save your classmates from having to write it all down)
5. Key terms that are essential to understanding and applying your criticism
6. Websites/sources listed that you consulted for research
7. A visual that helps illuminate/support your presentation
Present your presentation. Your handout is not the presentation, it is to aid in presenting. You must have a powerpoint, prezi, video, etc., some way to teach the class about the criticism. Also, feel free to be creative in the presentation component. Your audience members are your classmates, after all. Be engaging!
Tuesday: Half of class dedicated to prep. Begin Presenting.
Wednesday: AP Test Prep! Yay!
Bookmark Lit. Crit. Review.
Choose a criticism and find a text to apply it to and present to class (this may be a visual text, art, video clip, song lyric, etc.)
Thursday: Vocabulary: SAT prep vocabulary
Video clip of Faulkner’s Pulitzer Prize acceptance speech.
Based on this text, who was the man that wrote this? What was happening in society that prompted him to write this? Annotate. Discuss.
William Faulkner Webquest
HW Extension: Read and annotate Faulkner’s letters/biography
Free-Write Friday (use one of the As I Lay Dying covers as inspiration for a creative text of your choice)
Review Biographical and Historical Criticism.
Review the Dialectical Journal requirements.
Begin applying one of the criticisms to our reading of an informational article about Faulkner’s Yoknapatapha. Annotate.
Begin reading the first chapter on the novel As I Lay Dying
Complete the Dialectical Journal for the first chapter
HW Extension: Read the first 6 chapters of the novel As I Lay Dying and complete the Dialectical Journal for each chapter.


Week of January 16-19

Monday: MLK

Tuesday: Review the following vocabulary terms

  • Tone
  • Style
  • Diction (formal, neutral, informal)
  • Irony (verbal, understatement, hyperbole, overstatement, double entendre)
  • denotation
  • connotation
  • hyperbole

Apply to our reading of “Hills like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway (through annotation)

Create a scene reminiscent of Hemingway’s short story by using his as a model. Focus should be on tone, dialogue and diction.

Enrichment Homework: Read and annotate the scholarly article “Symbolism in Hills Like White Elephants”
Be prepared to discuss and analyze in class tomorrow!

Wednesday: Warm Up: Hump Day Test Prep! Students will complete test prep questions in preparation for the AP exam. New strategies will be introduced each week and applied to the excerpt.
Review Irony (if needed, based on yesterday’s lesson)
Read and annotate (focusing on the use of irony) “The Story of an Hour”
Using “the Story of an Hour” as a model, create a story in which you employ the element of irony.
Publish in the form of a Gallery Walk. Each student will be able to walk around the room and provide commentary to their classmates using post-it notes.

Thursday: Vocabulary (expansion of non-literary; SAT prep vocabulary)
Review theme and symbolism by applying it to my analysis of visuals
Begin reading “A & P” using the sticky note reading strategy (whole group)
Analyze the text by answering questions based on theme and symbolism in the short story
Share your summary comic/article with your elbow partner.